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Floyd Gibbs - Owner/Senior Inspector

Floyd is the founder and co-owner of Quality Home Inspections. He started the business in 1999 as a home inspector after selling his construction business. Floyd has propelled the company into one of the largest family owned and operated home inspection companies in Southeast Virginia. Floyd has an extensive resume which includes, but not limited to, being a Certified Master Inspector, State certified home inspector in Virginia, State licensed home inspector in North Carolina , a South Carolina State licensed inspector, and a Class “A” contractor in residential and commercial building in Virginia. He is also a certified teacher of continuing education in North Carolina with classes that hold copyright privileges. He is often used as an expert witness in the State of Virginia and North Carolina in multiple municipalities. Throughout his career he has performed over 18,000 inspections and has personally trained all of the inspectors on his team. Regardless of who is assigned to your inspection, you can rest assured you will be treated with the same level of customer satisfaction and knowledge that Floyd provides with his expertise. His experience in state of the art housing technologies, building materials, indoor air quality, commercial buildings and other specialty inspections are just a fraction of what makes him the best in his field.


Sandra Gibbs - Owner/ CEO

Sandra is a co-owner of Quality Home Inspections and the CEO. She has 20 years’ experience as a former lending officer and Assistant Vice President of a financial institution in the Hampton Roads area. Her knowledge in the lending arena allows her to understand the complexities with purchasing a home. Sandra has completed many home inspector courses and participates in continued education in order to stay abreast of the ever-changing industry. She plays an active role in the training and development of the office staff, as well as the inspectors, to ensure superior customer service and the expertise you deserve.


Gene Deitz - Inspector

Gene started with Quality Home Inspections through our apprentice program with Floyd Gibbs. He has an extensive background in construction with a focus on structural and exterior coverings. He enjoys educating the clients about their perspective home and is happy to answer any questions. His attention to detail is unparalleled.



Doug Clark - Inspector

Doug joined us with a background in construction and carpentry. He is a seasoned expert at the main aspects of the home line foundation and crawlspaces. Doug loves to guide the clients by helping them understand their new home. His passion with inspections comes from encountering different styles of home construction and how they have evolved over the years. Doug’s attention to detail, work ethic, and his enthusiasm for teaching people about their new homes makes the homebuyer experience a dream for both realtor and buyer. 



Emerson White - Inspector

Emerson White is not only a home inspector, but also a licensed electrician. He is experienced in commercial and residential structure, plumbing, HVAC as well. He is also well versed in new construction, historical homes, and was a commercial and residential facilities manager. 45 years in the electrical field gives Emerson the knowledge to ensure you are getting piece of mind with your new home. 



Ken Roberts - Inspector

Ken is retired from the Coast Guard and holds certifications in carpentry and emergency management. On top of being a Virginia State Certified inspector, he is also certified in New Construction inspections (NRS Designation) and Commercial Inspections. Keeping military families' needs in mind, Ken is able to provide a thorough and complete inspection while easing your concerns of the unknown that come with home buying. 



Mary Lawson - Office Manager

Mary has been with Quality Home Inspections for many years as the office coordinator. She has over 15 years in customer service; which allows her to assess clients’ needs and do everything in her power to exceed their expectations. Mary also has an extensive background in office management, graphic design and marketing.



Lori Topping Bailey - Lead Report Specialist

Lori is the lead report processor for Quality Home Inspections. She has taken numerous home inspection courses; which provides her the additional knowledge to provide informative and consistent reports. With over 20 years of customer service, data entry skills and her experience in the industry, Lori is able to utilize those skills to provide our clients with the most detailed home inspection report whether they are on-site for the inspection or not. 



Michele Evans – Report Specialist

Michele is a report specialist with Quality Home Inspections. She has a degree in Business and Accounting. She works closely with the senior inspector to maintain the highest standards and improve our report process to keep up with the changes in the industry.




Sandra Anderson - Office Assistant

Sandra is one of our office personnel, working closely with the office coordinator to assist our clients with their scheduling needs. She has experience in customer service and is always willing to answer any questions.